Mysterious: The Death of Rey Rivera (2006)

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This next case that we are going to cover is one I watched on Unsolved Mysterious, this is the case of mysterious murder of Rey Rivera that occurred 14 years ago with no leads but ruled as a probable suicide.

Rey Rivera was born on June 10, 1973, At the time of his disappearance, Rivera was 32 years old and was a finance writer for the Oxford Club where he worked as a video contractor. Rivera and his wife, Allison, had just relocated from California to Baltimore to work for his longtime friend Porter Stansberry were we would be a writer and videographer for Stansberry’s investment company, Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, it was a secondary of Agora Publishing. But mysteriously Rivera had stopped working for the company 6 months prior to his death in May 2006, but according to this long time friend Porter, Rey also did freelance work for another department of Agora Publishing.

Rey went missing from his residence on May 16, 2006 after receiving a phone call from the Agora Publishing Switchboard, according to a guest that was staying with the Rivera’s at their home at the time. After several days of searching for Rey, his wife’s parents found his car located in a parking lot just off of Saint Paul Street in Mount Vernon, which was near his workplace. So Rey’s coworkers decided to go up to the tope of a nearby parking structure to see if there was any clues up there, and they noticed a hole in the roof of the south wing of the Belvedere Hotel. Not long after finding the hole, police discovered Rey’s partially decomposed body inside the conference room directly under the roof’s hole.

Police began to analyze the case after Rey’s body was found, there was numerous aspects of this case that are odd, they deemed the Rey had jumped off the main roof of the Belvedere Hotel. This is partly odd as the hotels roof was curbed, there was a considerable horizontal distance between the hotel tower and the location of the hole in the lower roof. The vertical distance of approximately 177 feet would have taken approximately 3.3 seconds to run and jump. But that would only suggest if he came from the roof and traveled a distance of 43 feet before impact he would have needed to be traveling a speed of 10 miles per hour which is between a fast jog and spring for an average fit male wearing sport shoes, but Rey was wearing flip flops or he was even barefoot he would have had to maximum run up of just over 15 feet at 2.5 seconds.

Another theory is that Rivera may have jumped from a ledge several floors below the roof, but it would have been very difficult for Rivera to access the ledge from the privately owned condos and offices of the windows onto the ledge.

Rey’s eyeglasses and phone were found intact on the lower roof near the hole, but the scene around the incident was unclear and the medical examiner marker Rivera’s manner of death as “undetermined”.

Rey’s family and friends think that his death being ruled a “probable suicide” is not correct. Because ironically enough, Rey was petrified of heights. He had no history of mental illness or sudden shock.

With authorities still trying to figure out what exactly happened to Rey, authorities were trying to retrieve video footage from the highly-secure building to see what happened when Rivera made his way to the higher floor due to the technical problem. What a coincidence.

They also found an obscure note that was uncovered from Rivera’s computer. The note was typed in small print, folded up in the plastic and taped to his computer along the screen with a blank check. The note was addressed to “brothers and sisters” and referred to a “well-played game.” It was named famous for all the people who had died, the note included a request to make himself 5 years younger.

The finding of the note was puzzling, so the investigators sent the letter to the FBI and they determined that it was not a suicide note. The letter also pointed to another weird detail about Rey Rivera’s circumstances: he had a growing interest in the Free Masons. The note he left behind began and ended with phrases that were used in the Masonic order.

A local representative form the Maryland Lodge did confirm Rey had inquired about the membership on the same day he went missing, but they didn’t recall anything unusual about the conversation they had and just shortly before his death Rey was reading books related to masonry, such as The Builders.

To make matters worse, Rey’s wife described a growing paranoia in Rey in the weeks leading up to his disappearance and death. She told police that Rey was unusually anxious when their home alarm had gone from and that an encounter with an unknown man at the park that left her husband visibly distraught.

Was there somebody actually trying to hurt Rey and his family?

But what I find unusual is that Rey’s phone was found intact on the lower roof how did his phone survive the fall?

Police closed the case and determined Rey’s death as a suicide, but what are your thoughts?



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