Missing: Margaret Ellen Fox (1974)

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This next case takes place in the 1970’s. This is the disappearance of Margaret Ellen Fox. She ahs been missing for 46 years.


June 24, 1974, Margaret Ellen Fox had made plans to meet with a man who was going by the name “John Marshall”, they were meeting about a babysitting job. Marshall responded to Margaret’s ad she ad that she had put in the newspaper and John Marshall told her that he needed a baby sitter for the following weekend but little thing to know, John Marshall had other meetings scheduled with her but he keep moving them or cancelling them.

Witnesses reported that they did a see a young girl that matched Margaret’s description as she was getting off a bus the day she went missing.

When Margaret did not return home, her family notified the local police department of her disappearance. When police started their investigation, they discovered that “John Marshall” the man she was meeting, gave her a phone number, but when the phone number was investigated, it turned up the phone number was traced to a supermarket in a nearby town. Police knew that with this evidence with her disappearance it was very suspicious to say the least, and they believed that Margaret was a victim of an abduction. There had been other parents that made complaints of men trying to get their daughters with fake job offers.

So we have a man, who is luring young girls for babysitting jobs, was this a child predator? Was this a parent that lost a child and wanted to replace his? What was the reasoning for this?

In just the hours after Margaret was reported missing, policed started to record all the phone calls that came to the Fox’s home. One of the phone calls that came in demanded $10,000 ransom for her safe return. Was this the abductor? The man stated, “10,000 might be a lot of bread but your daughters life is the buttered topping.” At this time, the caller has never been identified. Police and the FBI have made numerous efforts in all these years to identify who this man was on the call, but they believe that it was Margaret’s abductor.

In 2017 there was updates to the case, The Police department and the FBI wanted to reevaluate their efforts and try and find Margaret and her abductor. The phone call was uploaded to the FBI website in order to see if someone might recognize the voice on the tape. In 2017, a retired police officer decided to join forces with the police department to help review and hopefully sooner rather than later, solve this case. There was a reward posted for any information to this case that lead to arrests, a $25,000 reward in fact. Still to this date, there has been no arrests made since.

There was 10 remains of bodies that were found around this time frame but none of the remains matched Margaret’s.

The County Prosecutor, Scott Coffina, stated in a press conference in 2019, Margaret Fox was loved dearly by her friends and family, to this day, her disappearance continues to cause the community great sorrow. If someone out there possesses information that could assist the investigators working to solve this mystery, I urge you to come forward.” No new information or leads have been brought to the police department or FBI’s attention still to this day.

Margaret has brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a light blue love sleeved flower printed blouse that was square at the top and flared out at the waist. A black and white or blue and white checkerboard pattern waist length jacket, maroon flared jeans with a bright yellow patch on one knee, brown sandals with a heel strap, a gold necklace that had flowers and a blue stone on it, and a gold charm bracelet. She was also reported carrying a brown bag and her eyeglass case with Huckleberry Hound design.

Anyone with any information as to where Margaret is after June 24, 1974, please call the FBI Newark Field Office at 973-792-3000 or the Burlington City Police Department at 609-386-0262, ext. 211.


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