Solved: Ed and Minnie Maurin (1985)

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This next case we have is featured on the Cold Case Files, this is about the murder of Ed and Minnie Maurin.


On December 19th, 1985, Ed and Minnie Maurin’s family pulled up to their house to find no one was there, and the family immediately began to get worried as Ed and Minnie had invited them over for a planned Christmas party for the family. Family members immediately called the police and reported Ed and Minnie missing, they were 83 and 81.

The next day showed the family how serious the situation was when a witness reported seeing their car abandoned with the keys inside. Police arrived at the location an empty grocery store parking lot and when they looked inside its an image that would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

They found large amounts of blood, blood stains and brain matter throughout the whole vehicle, with not knowing where the couple was, the police wanted to look int the truck, and when they opened it….it was empty.

There was more witnesses that came forward saying they seen the couple that same day they went missing and they had seen them at the local bank. When police began searching the bank records, it had showed that Ed made a withdraw for a huge sum of money, in fact it was $8,500 dollars to be exact. When police looked over their records this was a very unusual transaction for them.

On Christmas Day, the family got the worst news of their lives. The bodies of Ed and Minnie had been found in the woods off of a dead end road.

When the autopsy was performed it had showed that the couple died the same day they went missing, and there was a shotgun blast to each of their backs, the couple had been sitting in the front seats and the killer or killers used a sawed off shotgun to kill them. After killing the couple, the killer or killers drug their bodies into the woods.

This poor family, they had to just experience what nobody wants to experience in their life and even worse it had happened around Christmas Time. Losing a family member or members is hard, but to know your grandparents, parents, aunt, uncle, whatever they were to the family, they were murdered in cold blood. I mean what could an 81- and 83-year-old do that would want you to make you murder them in cold blood. Was the motive money? Was it something else?

In 1985 the police believed that a pair of brothers, Rick and John Riffe were the prime suspects in the murder of the couple. The speculation came from a deputy officer when they picked the brothers photos out of a police array and remembered he had seen the two brothers driving the couples car around town.

They speculated that the Riffe brothers had kidnapped the couple and forced them to withdraw the money and then shot them.

On July 8th, 2012 investigators left for Alaska with an arrest warrant in hand. The police were finally able to move on to the brothers when they believed they had carried out this horrific crime after a witness came forward. They located Rick Riffe but unfornately John had passed away the week before and will never stand trail for his part in the crime.

Rick Riffe was found guilty for his part in the kidnapping, robbery and murder of Ed and Minnie Maurin in 1985. He was sentenced to 103 years in prison.

Riffe refused to speak but his lawyer at the time had a message, he said that he client told him he felt no remorse for the murders and would not make any apologizes for something he didn’t commit.

At these this family had closure even if it was 26 years later. Rick Riffe will spend the rest of his life behind bars not able to hurt another person.


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