Unsolved: The Jamison Family Disappearance (2009)

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Happy Friday Everybody! On the next case we have, we are going to cover the unsolved murder of the Jamison Family of Eufaula, Oklahoma. The family was reportedly considering the purchase of a forty-acre plot of land near Red Oak about 30 miles from Eufaula at the time of their disappearance Their remains were suspectedly found in November 2013 and positively identified by the Oklahoma Medical examiner on July 3, 2014. No cause of death was determined and the circumstances surrounding their disappearance remain unknown.

The initial investigation into the Jamison Family’s disappearance indicated that they had probably not vanished on their own. The Jamison’s’ pickup truck was discovered within a few days abandoned in Latimer County, Oklahoma, which was only a short distance south of the town called Kinta. The Jamison’s bodies were not found but their malnourished dog was still in the truck.

Also discovered were the Jamison’s IDs, wallets, phones, a GPS system and about 32,000 in cash. The Jamison’s were not known or carrying large amounts of cash with them. Another clue was the surveillance video from the family’s home security system. The footage, that was time stamped the same day they left, showed the couple making several silent trips between their vehicle and home as they methodically packed to leave. In the video footage, the couples’ movements were described as “trancelike.” The video also shows Sherilyn Jamison place a brown briefcase in the family pickup.

Former Sheriff Beauchamp remarked that he believed the briefcase could be an important clue. Indeed, both the briefcase and the small caliber handgun that Sherilyn owned has never been received.

Let’s look deeper into the case.

Bobby and Sherilynn were eager to get away from the turmoil in their lives and start over in the mountains. Things were not easy inside the Jamison home. A car accident in 2003 had left Bobby with chronic back pain, and it affected his mood for obvious reasons. Sherilynn suffered from bipolar disorder and had been prescribed medication, but she sometimes chose not to take it.

Because Sherilynn’s disorder was not controlled property, she often experienced times of severe depression and would often lash out at the people in her life, including her husband so it was no surprise to anybody that their marriage was under a great deal of stress.

But for the most part, the couple kept to themselves mostly and within the confines of their home, they were deeply spiritual individuals. However, this wasn’t always a positive things in their lives. Bobby and Sherilynn believed that their home was being invaded by dark spirits, so they confided in a local pastor about their concerns.

Their daughter, Madyson, started talking to an imaginary friend named Emily and it completely normal for children to have an imaginary friend, Sherilynn believed Emily was actually a malevolent entity.

Bobby also had his concerns about the imaginary friend and had developed a paranoia about the family being haunted by evil. At one point he even asked the pastor if he knew of anywhere, he could purchase “special bullets” to shoot a handful of spirits who he said were living on the roof of the home. Bobby was also planning on trying and exorcise the spirits in the home with the help of the Satanic Bible that he had purchased.

On the Investigation Discovery series, “Disappeared,” a policeman interviewed for the show and stated that the made about 20 trips back and forth and sometimes they were shown not to be carrying anything at all. There was also times were they stopped and stood in place with a vacant stare on their faces.

The odd behavior that was witnessed in the video from their surveillance videos suggested that they had to have been on drugs.

But not only was that disturbing the graffiti that was seen on the storage container was disturbing. Sherilynn had told neighbors that she believed she was a witch and that there were important, self-protective messages she had been spraying on the container.

A friend of Sherilynn told police that she would sometimes have seances, but Sherilynn took them much more seriously than she did. The graffiti on  the container about her cat being poisoned was to be believed that someone from the neighborhood had killed her cats.

Both Friends and family of the Jamison’s agreed that their home was haunted, and few have shared that they had experienced odd things inside the house. But with paranoia and depression looming over the family it was hard to imagine that the house had a heavy feel to it.

There were many theories about what happened to the Jamison’s.

Sherilynn’s mother, Connie, claims her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter was on a Oklahoma Cult “hit list.”

She stated:

“That part of Oklahoma is known for that…cults and stuff like that… from what I’ve been told and from what I’ve read. I was told (around the time of Sherilynn’s disappearance) …that she was on a cult’s hit list.”

Connie would never provide the name of the alleged cult and police have never found any links to one.

She went on to say that there was no way in hell Bobby or Sherilynn would put their daughter in danger. We will revisit this theory later.

There was also another theory that it was a Meth deal gone wrong. The area of Oklahoma where the Jamison Family lived, as well as the area that they were wanting to move too is well known for its drug activity and it was popular was methamphetamine. There was a lot of support in the notion that the Jamison’s death was the result of a drug deal gone bad.

In the surveillance video where Bobby and Sherilynn were seen packing their truck in a trance-like state, the two also appeared to be emaciated. Drugs would explain the large sum of money that was found in the truck nobody knows where that money came from or what the couple had planned on using it for.

Crystal meth would account for the couples erratic behavior and its possible they could have put their daughters in danger.

It was also believed that Bobby’s dad, killed the family. Apparently he wasn’t the nicest and guy and it was even to the point that Bobby and Sherilynn filed a protective order against him and claimed that he threatened to kill the family over some business.

In the protection order, bobby alleged that his father was a very dangerous man who thinks he is above the law and that he was also involved in prostitutes, gangs and math. And can you believe that his own dad hit him with his car in 2008? And the order of protection was filed just 6 months before the Jamison’s disappeared? But Bobby’s father died 2 months after the family disappeared.

In 2010, just after the story of the family disappearance appeared on Investigation Discovery show “Disappeared” Police received a strange phone call that suggested another theory of what happened to the family. The caller, a woman informed them that she once belonged to a white supremacy groupd and she had seen a book containing names of the people in the group that had a problem with it and needed to be taken care of. The caller said she tried to memorize the names in the book and would go home and look them up on the internet many of the names came back to a missing persons case….The Jamison Family.

The woman also told them about the craving on Bobby’s wedding ring, and only a few people knew about this it read:

“she had overheard some conversations with these guys where clearly they were talking about Sherilyn, Bobby, and Madyson; that they took care of them.”

Prior to the Jamison’s disappearance, a man stayed with the family who expressed to Sherilynn his concerns over her Native American Heritage. He reportedly told her that he hated Indians and anyone who wasn’t white. Fearful, she pointed a gun at him and forced him to leave the house.

It was also believed that the way the Jamison’s truck was parked when it was found  that it appeared that they were leaving and were stopped by somebody. The family ventured to the top of a hill, their GPS showed. But they didn’t stay with the truck and their bodies were found only 3 miles from their truck. The family was also found side by side, face down in the dirt.

There will never be any leads in this case and it will probably stay unsolved as meth addicts will never narc on each other and there isn’t much forensic evidence to go on.


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