Shootings: The Columbine High School Massacre (1999)

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On this case, this is the one that changed the world and why we have the policies we do in the schools. This is The Columbine High School Massacre.

Let’s start with doing a little background on the shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, after we cover them we will look into the guns and bombs they  talked about in the AOL chat and then we will get to the shooting itself and then what happened after the shooting. This is going to be a long case so get ready to reexperience the deadly shooting and massacre that took place at the Columbine High School in 1999.


In 1996, 15 year old Eric Harris created a private website on American Online or better known as (AOL). It was initially to host levels Harris created for us in the first-person shooter video games Doom and Doom II, as well as Quake. On this site, Harris began a blog. It included details about Harris sneaking out of the house to cause mischief and vandalism, such as lighting fireworks with his best friend Dylan Klebold.

Harris worked at a fireworks stand and had received several fireworks as a result. The mascot of Columbine High School is the Rebels and they called sneaking out, “Rebel Missions”. Dylan and Eric adopted nicknames, “Reb” and “Vodka,” Beginning in early 1997, the blog postings began to show the first signs of Eric Harris’s anger against society. By the end of the year, the site contained instructions on how to make explosives. Harris wrote on his blog: “the first true pipe bombs created entirely from scratch by the rebels (REB and VoDkA) …Now our only problems is to find the place that will be ‘ground zero’.”

Eric Harris’s site attracted very few visitors and caused no concern until August 1997. Eric ended a blog post detailing murderous fantasies with “all I want to do is kill and injure as many of you as I can, especially a few people. Like Brooks Brown” a classmate of his. Brooks claims that Dylan gave him the web address, in an effort to warn him of Eric’s threats of violence against him. Others suggest that it was in fact discovered by Brooks’ brother, Aaron.

After Brooks’ parents viewed the website, they contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on August 7, 1997. When Investigator Michael Guerra accessed the website, he discovered numerous violent threats directed against the students and teachers of CHS. Michael Guerra wrote a draft affidavit, requesting a search warrant of the Harris household. The affidavit also mentioned the discovery of an exploded pipe bomb and a suspicion of Eric being involved in the unsolved case. The affidavit was never submitted to a judge and therefore went ignored.

Eric and Dylan were arrested for breaking into a van parked near Littleton and stealing tools and computer equipment on January 30, 1998. They would attend a joint hearing where they pled guilty to the felony theft. The judge sentenced them both to a juvenile diversion program. Eric and Dylan would both attend mandatory classes such as anger management and was required to talk with diversion officers. They both were eventually released several weeks early because of positive actions in the program and put on probation.

Just a year before the shooting at the school, Dylan wrote a message in Eric’s 1998 yearbook: “killing enemies, blowing up stuff, killing cops!! My wrath for January’s incident will be godlike. Not to mention our revenge in the commons.” The commons was known as the school cafeteria.

Eric and Dylan both kept journals, which were eventually released to the public in 2006. In the journals they would eventually document their plan of attack and what they were going to use. Shortly after the court hearing for the van break in, Eric reverted his website back to the original content for the video games. He instead wrote all his thoughts down in a journal instead. It was a long though process on this shooting. Eric also typed out a plan for the attack on his computer, it was revealed that it included escaping to a foreign country afterwards, or hijacking an aircraft at the Denver International Airport and crashing it into New York City. Dylan however had already been writing his thoughts down all the back to March of 1997. It was even mentioned of going on a killing spree as early as November of 1997.

On October 2, 1997, Dylan and Eric were suspended for hacking into Columbine’s high school computer system to get student locker combinations. They both had actively searched war and murder. On one project Eric wrote a paper on the Nazis and Dylan wrote a paper on Charles Manson. In a psychology class, Eric wrote he dreamed of going on a shooting spree with Dylan. And described in his journals, Eric described several experimental bomb detonations that had occurred.

Eric and Dylan were both enrolled in the video production classes and kept 5 video tapes that were recorded with the school video equipment. But only 2 of the tapes were released along with a part of a third known as Radioactive clothing.

The remaining 3 tapes went into great detail of their plan and reasons for the massacre and it also included the way they hid the weapons from their parents. Most of there were shot in Eric’s basement and are known as the “Basement Tapes.” 30 minutes before the attack they made a final video saying goodbye and apologizing to their friends and family.

In December 1999 before anybody else had seen them, Time Magazine published an article of these tapes. The family members of the victims threatened to sue the Sheriffs department. As a result, only certain families of the victims and certain journalists were allowed to se them and there were kept from the public indefinitely for fear of inspiring future massacres. The tapes have since been destroyed. There are only transcripts of some of the dialogue and a very short clip was recorded surreptitiously by a victim’s father. They claimed they were going to make copies of the tapes and send to news stations but never got to do so.

There was a class that had Eric do an ad for a business, he and Dylan made a video called “hitmen for Hire” on December 8, 1998, and it was released in February 2004. It puts them as part of the Trench Coat Mafia, a clique in school who wore black trench coats, extorting money for protecting preps from bullies. They were apparently not apart of this Mafia but were friends with some of its members. They wore black trench coats on the day of the massacre and the video seemed a kind of dress rehearsal and showing them walking the halls of the schools and shootings bullies outside with fake guns.

A video was released showing the pair doing target practice on October 21, 2003 that took place in March of 1999 in a nearby valley known as Rampart Range, with the same weapons they would use in the massacre.

Before the shooting, Eric left a micro cassette labeled “Nixon” on the table. On it Eric said “It is less than 9 hours now,” placing the recording at some time around 2:30 AM and he went on to say “People will die because of me” and “it will be a day that will be remembered forever.”

In the months prior to the attack, Eric and Dylan acquired 2 9mm firearms and 2 12 gauge shotguns. Eric had a Hi-Point 995 Carbine with 13 10 round magazines and a Savage Springfield 67H Pump-action shotgun. Dylan used a 9x19mm Intratec TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun with one 52- , one 32-, and one 28 round magazines along with a Stevens 311 D double barreled shotgun. Eric’s shotgun had been sawed-off to around 26 inches and Dylan shortened his shotgun to 23 inches which is a felony under the National Firearms Act.

On November 22, 1998, Eric and Dylan’s friend, Robyn Anderson, purchased the carbine rifle and the 2 shotguns at the Tanner Gun Show as they were too young to legally purchase the guns themselves. After the attack, she told investigators that she believed they wanted to firearms for target shooting and that she had no prior knowledge of their plans. Robyn was never charged. 3 days prior to the shooting, Dylan attended the high school prom with Robyn.

Eric and Dylan both held part time jobs at a local pizza place. A coworker bought Dylan a TEC-9 handgun for $500 at another gun show on January 23. After the massacre, Mark Manes and Philip Duran were prosecuted and each charged with supplying a handgun to a minor and possession of a saw-off shotgun. Mark and Philip were sentenced to a total of 6 years and 4 and half years in prison.

In additional to the guns, they also involved several improvised explosive devices for the complex and highly planned attack. These included pipe bombs, carbon dioxide cartridges filled with gunpowder, Molotov cocktails, propane tanks that were converted into bombs, car bombs, and diversionary bombs. For ignition they used kitchen matches and model rocket igniters as well as timing devices built from clocks and batteries for the propane, car, and diversion bombs. During the massacre, they carried lighters as well as match strikes taped to their forearms to light the pipe bombs and crickets. They had 45 crickets, 8 of which were detonated, 9 Molotov cocktails, 2 of which were functioned.

Eric attempted to make a napalm and envisioned a kind of backpack and flamethrower. They attempted to get a friend to keep the napalm at his house, but he refused, Eric also tried to recruit him to be a third shooter but would play it off as a joke when he said no.

The morning of April 20, 1999, everybody’s lives were about to change. Eric and Dylan placed two duffle bags in the cafeteria and each bag contained propane bombs, which were set to detonate at 11:17 am during the “A” Lunch shift. The security staff did not observe the bags being placed in the cafeteria a custodian was replacing the school security video tape at around 11:14Am which might ave been the time that the duffle bag was dropped off.

There was a sheriffs deputy that was assigned to the high school as a full time resource officer and he usually ate lunch with the students in the cafeteria but on April 20, he decided to eat lunch in his patrol car at the northwest corner of the campus and watching for students in the smokers pit, in a park adjacent to the school.

2 backpacks filled with pipe bombs, aerosol canisters, and small propane bombs were also placed in a field about 3 miles south of the CHS and 2 miles south of the fire station there were set to detonate at 11:14 am the bombs were set as a diversion to draw firefighters and emergency services away from the school but only the pipe bombs and one of the aerosol canisters detonated and only caused a small fire which was quickly extinguished by the fire department.

At around 11:10 AM Eric and Dylan arrived separately at the school. Eric parked his car in the junior student parking lot and Dylan parked in the adjoining senior student parking lot. The school cafeteria was their primary bomb target; the cafeteria had a long outside window wall and had ground level doors and was just north of the senior parking lot. The library was located about the cafeteria in the second story of the window-wall. Each car contained bombs that were set to detonate at 12:00 pm.

As Eric pulled into the parking lot, he seen Brooks brown, with whom he had recently patched up a longstanding series of disputes. According to Brooks, who was smoking, he was surprised to see Eric, who he earlier noted had been absent from a class test. Brooks confronts Eric about missing the test but Eric seemed unconcerned, commenting, “it doesn’t matter anymore.” Eric went on: “Brooks, I like you now. Get out here. Go Home.” Brooks, feeling uneasy about the situation, and was already prepared to skip his next class stated to walk down South Pierce Street.

Meanwhile, Eric and Dylan armed themselves, using straps and webbing to conceal weapons beneath black trench coats. They lugged backpacks and duffle bags that were filled with pipe bombs and ammunition. Eric had his shot gun in one of those bags. Beneath the coats, Eric had a homemade bandolier and while t-shirt that read “Natural Selection” in black letters; Dylan wore a black T-shirt that read “Wrath” in red letters.

Their plan was already starting to fall apart when the cafeteria bombs did not detonate. If they would have detonated it would have killed or severely wounded all 488 students in the cafeteria and possibly made the ceiling collapse by destroying the pillars, which would have dropped the library in to the cafeteria.

At 11:19 am, Rachel Scott and her friend Richard Castaldo were having lunch and sitting on the grass next to the west entrance of the school. Dylan threw a pipe bomb towards the parking lot but it only partially detonated, causing it to give off smoke. They believed it was just a senior prank and several other students believed that what it was at first.

There was a witness that reported they heard “Go! Go!” before Dylan and Eric pull their guns from beneath their coats and began shooting. Rachel was killed instantly when she was hit 4 times with rounds fired from Eric’s carbine; one of the shots were straight to her left temple. Richard was shot eight times in the chest, arm and stomach; he fell unconscious on the ground was left paralyzed below the chest.

Eric aimed his carbine down the west staircase in the direction of 3 students, Daniel Rohrbough, Sean Graves and Lance Kirklin. The students figured they were paintball guns and were about to walk up the staircase directly below the shooters. Eric fired and killed Daniel while injuring Sean and Lance. Dave Sanders, a teacher and coach was in the cafeteria when he heard the gunfire and began warning students.

Eric and Dylan then turned and began firing west in the direction of 5 students sitting on the grassy hillside adjacent to the steps and opposite the west entrance of the school. Michael Johnson was hit in the face, leg and arm but ran and escaped. Mark Taylor was shot in the chest, arms, and leg, fell to the ground, where he faked his death while the other 3 escaped uninjured.

Dylan walked down the steps towards the cafeteria. He came up to Lance Kirklin, who was already wounded and lying the ground, weakly calling for help. Dylan said, “Sure, I’ll help you,” then shot Kirklin in the face with his shotgun. Although gravely injured, Lance would survive. Sean, who was paralyzed beneath the waist had crawled to the doorway of the cafeteria’s west entrance and collapsed. He rubbed blood on his face and played dead. After shooting Lance, Dylan walked through the cafeteria doors and stepped of Lance and he remembers Dylan saying to him, “Sorry Dude.”

Dylan only was in the cafeteria briefly and did not shoot at the people inside he went in to check on the bags but Eric was still on top of the stairs shooting and severely wounded and partially paralyzed, Anne-Marie Hochhalter as she tried to run. Dylan came out of the cafeteria and went back up to the stairs to join Eric. They shot at students standing close to a soccer field but id not hit anybody. They walked toward the west entrance, throwing pipe bombs in several directions including on the roof but only a few of them detonated. One witness heard them say, “This is what we always wanted to do. This is awesome!”

Meanwhile, Patti Nielson, an art teacher, was inside the school, she had heard the commotion and walked towards the west entrance with student, Brian Anderson, Patti was going to walk outside and tell the two students to knock it off, thinking they were filming a video or pulling a student prank, but as Brian opened the first set of double doors, Eric and Dylan shot out the windows, inuring him and flying glass everywhere, Patti was hit in the shoulder with shrapnel. Brian and Patti ran back down the hall into the library and Patti alerted everybody inside about the shooting, telling them to get under desks and keep silent. She dialed 9-1-1 and hid under the administrative counter. Brian fell to the floor bleeding from his injuries then hid inside the magazine room adjacent to the library.

At 11:22 AM a custodian called the Deputy that was assigned to the school on the school radio requesting assistance in the senior parking lot. The only paved route took him around the school to the ear and south on Pierce Street, where at 11:23 Am he heard on his police radio that a female was down and assumed she had been struck by a car. While exiting his patrol car at 11:24, he heard another call on the school radio, “Neil, there’s a shooter in the school.”

Eric at the west entrance, immediately turned and fired 10 shots from his carbine at Deputy Neil Gardner who was 60 yards away. As Eric reloaded, Neil leaned over the top of his car and fired four rounds at Eric with his service pistol. Eric ducked behind the building and Neil momentarily believed that he had hit him. Eric then reemerged and fired at least for more rounds at Neil before retreating into the building. No one was hit during the exchange of gunfire. Neil reported on his police radio, “Shots in the building. I need someone in the south lot with me.” By this point, Eric had shot 47 times and Dylan just 5. They then entered the school through the west entrance, moving along the main north hallway, throwing pipe bombs and shooting at anyone they encountered. Dylan shot Stephanie Munson in the ankle but was able to walk out of the school. They then shot out the windows to the east entrance of the school. After proceeding through the hall several times and shooting toward and missing any student they saw, they went toward the west entrance and turned in to the library.

Deputies Paul Smoker and Paul Magor, motorcycle patrolmen for the Sheriff’s office were writing a traffic ticket just north of the school when the “female down” call came in at 11:23 AM. Taking the shortest route, they drove their motorcycles over grass between the athletic fields and headed towards the west entrance. When they saw Deputies Scott Taborsky, Rick Searle, and Kevin Walker following them in their patrol cars they abandoned their motorcycles for the safety of the car.

The 6 deputies had begun to rescue 2 wounded students near the ball fields when another gunfight broke out at 11:26, as Eric returned to the double doors and again began shooting at Deputy Gardner, who returned fire. From the hilltop, Deputy Smoker fired 3 rounds from his pistol at Eric who again retreated into the building, as before nobody was hit.

Inside the cafeteria, Dave Sanders and 2 custodians initially told students to get under the tables, then successfully evacuated students up the staircase leading to the second floor of the school. The stairs were located around the corner from the library hallways in the main south hallway. Dave then tried to secure as much of the school as he could.

Dylan and Eric were inside the main hallway by now. Dave and another student were down at the end of the hallway, where he gestured for students in the library to stay. They then encountered Eric and Dylan, who were approaching from the corner of the north hallway. Dave and the student then ran in the opposite direction. They ran into a science classroom and warned everyone to hide. Dylan walked over to towards Dave, who had collapsed and tossed a pipe bomb, then returned to Eric in the library hallway.

Dave struggled towards the science area, and the teacher took him into a classroom where 30 students were located. Due to his great knowledge of first aide, student Aaron Hancey was brough to the classroom from another teacher despite the unfolding commotion. With the help from Kevin Starkey, and Teresa Miller, Aaron administered first aid to Dave for 3 hours, attempting to stem the blood loss using shirts from students in the room, and showing him pictures from his wallet to keep him talking. Using a phone, Teresa and several students maintained contact with police outside the school.

As the shooting was unfolding, pipe bombs were tossed in the hallways and down into the cafeteria. According to transcripts, Patti Nielson called from the library at 11:25:18 AM.

At 11:29 AM, Eric and Dylan entered the library where 52 students, 2 teachers and 2 librarians were inside. Eric fired his shotgun twice at a desk. Evan Todd had just taken cover behind a copier when he was hit by wood splinters in his eye and lower back but not seriously injured, he then hid behind the administrative counter.

Eric and Dylan walked around the library towards the rows of computers. Sitting at the north row was a disable student, Kyle Velazquez, Dylan fired his shot gun and hit in him in the head and back. They put down their ammunition filled duffel bags at the south row of computers and reloaded their weapons. They then walked between the computer rows, towards the windows.

Eric and Dylan ordered everybody to get up, by telling them the library was going to explode. They stated how long they had been waiting to do this and seemed to have been enjoying themselves. They ordered the jocks to stand up and one of them said, “Anybody with a white hat or sports emblem on it is dead.” The white baseball cap is a Columbine Tradition.

Windows were shot out in the direction of the recently arrived police. Officers returned fire and Eric and Dylan backed away from the windows, no one was injured. Dylan removed his trench coat and then fired his shot gun into a nearby table and injured 3 students, Patrick Ireland, Daniel Steepleton, and Makai Hall.

Eric walked to the last row of computers and fired a single shot under the desk while on one knee. He hit 14 year old Steven Curnow with a shot to the neck. He moved to the desk across from Steven and injured Kacey Ruegsegger with a shot to her right shoulder and also grazing her neck and severing a major artery. When she started gasping for air and in pain, Eric stated, “Quit your bitching.”

Eric walked to a table that had 2 students underneath Cassie Bernall and Emily Wyant. He slapped the table before bending down and saying “peek-a-boo” before shooting Cassie in the head killing her. He did get injured from the recoil of the gun. He told Dylan he had done so and Dylan got angry with him.

After shooting Cassie, Eric turned towards the next table where Bree Pasquale sat next to the table rather than under it. While Eric was bleeding, witnesses later reported that he had blood around his mouth also. Eric ask Bree if she wanted to die as she pled for her life. Eric laughed and shouted, “Everybody is going to die.” When Dylan told Eric to shoot her, Eric responded, “No, we’re going to blow up this school anyway.”

Dylan noticed Ireland trying to provide aid to Hall who had suffered a wound to his knee and as he was trying to help him, Dylan shot him a second time hitting him in the head when his head came above the table, but he survived. Dylan then walked over to another table where he found Isaiah Shoels, Matthew Kechter and Craig Scott, hiding underneath. Dylan called to Eric that he found a “nigger” and tried to pull Isaiah out from the table.

Eric left Bree and helped him, according to witnesses they taunted him for awhile until they both fired under the table while Eric shot Isaiah in the chest and Dylan shot and killed Matthew. Even though Isaiah was not shot in the head, Dylan stated, “ I didn’t know black brains could fly that far.”

Dylan walked to the east area of the library when he shot at a display case and inured Mark Kintgen in the head and shoulder. He then turned toward a table and shot Lisa Kreutz, Lauren Townsend and Valeen Schnurr with one shot.  Dylan then moved towards the same table and fired several shots killing Lauran.

Dylan then shot Kelly Fleming hitting her in the back and killing her. He also wounded Jeanna Park. Eric and Dylan then moved to the center of the library where they reloaded their weapons. But when John Savage a friend of Dylan’s asked what they were doing, Dylan replied, “OH Just killing people.” John asked if they were going to kill him because of a fire alarm, Dylan said, no and told him to run, John left and escaped through the library’s main entrance.

After John left, Eric turned and fired his weapon at a table and hitting the ear and hand of 15 year old Daniel Mauser. Mauser tried to fight Eric but when Eric fired again, it hit Daniel right in the center of his face at close range, immediately killing him.

Eric seemed to lose interest in the library and said: “Let’s go to the commons.” Dylan fired a single shot into an open light break room and hit a small TV.

Dylan joined Eric at the library entrance and the 2 walked out at 11:36. Fearing they will come back 10 injured and 20 uninjured survivors began to evacuate the library through the emergency exit door which led to a sidewalk adjacent to the west entrance. 2 people would be left as they could not move.

After leaving the library Eric and Dylan entered the science area where they caused a fired in a empty storage closet. Itw as extinguished by a teacher who was hidden in the room across the hall. They then proceeded toward the south hallway where they fired rounds into an empty room. At 11:44 AM they were captured on the school security cameras the recording shows Harris kneeling on the landing and firing a single shot towards one of the propane bombs that were left in the cafeteria in attempt to detonate it. As Dylan approached the propane bomb and examined it. Dylan lit a Molotov cocktail and threw it at the propane bomb about a minute later the gallon of fuel that was attached to the bomb ignited, causing a fire that was extinguished within a few minutes with the help from sprinklers. They left the cafeteria at 11:46 AM.

After leaving the cafeteria they returned to the main north and south hallways and fired several shots into the walls and ceilings as students and teachers hid in rooms. They walked through the south hallway before returning to the north hallway, at 11:56 they returned to the cafeteria and briefly entered the school kitchen. They returned to the staircase at 12:00 PM.

They re-entered the library which was empty of survivors except for the unconscious Patrick Ireland and injured Lisa Dreutz. Once inside at 12:02 police were shot at again through the library windows and returned fire nobody again was injured. By 12:05 all gunfire from the school had stopped.

By 12:08 both gunmen had killed themselves. Eric sat down with his back to a bookshelf and fired his shotgun through the roof of his mouth and Dylan went down on his knees and shot himself in his temple. An article by The Rocky Mountain News stated that Patti Nielson overheard them shout “One! Two! Three!” in unison just before a loud boom, but Patti claims she had never spoke with writers of the article.

By 12:00 PM SWAT teams were stationed just outside the school as ambulances started taking the wounded to hospitals. A call for additional ammo for police officers in case of a shootout came at 12:20. Police reported pipe bombs at 1 and 2 two SWAT teams entered the building at 1:09 moving from classroom to classroom, discovering hidden students and teachers. They entered at the end of the school opposite the library they were unaware of a new wing that had been added as all they had was old maps and the fire alarm was also going.

All families of students and staff were asked to be at Leawood Elementary School to await information. Some of the victim’s families were told to wait on one final school bus that never came.

Patrick Ireland had regained and lost consciousness several times after being shot by Dylan. Paralyzed on his right side, he crawled to the library windows where on live television at 2:38 PM he stretched out a window intending to fall into the arms of 2 SWAT members standing on the roof of an emergency vehicle, but he fell directly onto the roof of the vehicle in a pool of blood. He was later known as the boy in the window.

At 2:15 PM students placed a sign in a window, “1 Bleeding to death.” But police feared it was a ruse by the shoots. A shirt was also tied to the doorknob. At 2:30 this was found and then by 2:40 SWAT members evacuated the room of students and called for a paramedic. Aaron Hancey and Starkey did not want to leave Dave Sanders behind and by 3:00 pm the SWAT team had moved Dave Sanders to storage room that was easily accessible. As they did so a paramedic arrived and found Dave with no pulse. HE had died of his injuries in the storage room. He was the only teacher to die in the shooting.

Lisa Kreutz, who was shot in the shoulder, arms, hand and thigh, remained laying in the library. She had tried to move but became light-headed. Lisa kept track of time by the sound of the school’s bells until police arrived. Lisa was finally evacuated at 3:22 pm along with Patti Nielson and Brian Anderson and 3 library staff who had hid in the room across the hall. Officials found the bodies in the library by 3:30 PM.

By 4:00 PM Sheriff John P. Stone made a initial estimate of 25 dead students and teachers, 50 wounded and referred to the massacre as a “suicide mission.” President Bill Clinton later issued a statement.

They believed the body of the gunmen were bobby-trapped with pipe bombs so they did a search of the corpses at 4:30 the school was considered safe. By 6:15 officials had found a bomb in Dylan’s car in the parking lot set to detonate the gas tank. Stone then marked the entire school as a crime scene.

The morning after the massacre bomb squads combed the high school. By 8:30 AM the official death toll of 15 was released. It was 10 more than what was estimated. The total count of deaths were 12 students (14 including the shooters) and 1 teacher. 20 students and 1 teacher were injured 3 more victims were injured indirectly trying to escape. It was then the worst school shooting in the US History.

At 10:00 AM the bomb squad declared the building safe for officials to enter. By 11:30 AM a spokesman of the sheriffs declared the investigation underway. Thirteen bodies were still inside the building as investigators photographed the building.

At 2:30 PM, a press conference was held, at which they said that they suspected other had helped plan the shooting. Formal identification of the dead had not yet taken place but families of the children thought to have been killed had been notified.

By 5:00 PM the names of the dead were known. An official statement was released, naming the 15 confirming deaths and 27 injured related to the massacre.

Rachel Scott’s car and John Tomlin’s truck became memorials and impromptu memorials were held in Clement Park. On April 30, carpenter Greg Zanis erected 15 6 foot tall wooden crosses to honor those who died at the school. There was 2 cross that were from the gun men that were cut down as well as 2 trees that were planted for them.

It was also found on April 30 the affidavit for a search warrant of Harris’s residence more than a year before the shootings but since the affidavits lacked the necessary probable cause and they decided not disclose the information at the press conference that was held the same day. Or did they ever mention it.

This was the worst school shooting in that era. These families will have to live with this for the rest of their lives knowing they sent their children to what they believed was the safest place for them and now they don’t have them anymore.


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